Trump revives Summit with North Korea

President Trump has taken a complete shift in stance and has confirmed that he will definitely hold the summit with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on the day previously scheduled for the same in Singapore. This is a major turnaround just within 8 days of the cancellation of the much-hyped Summit due to open hostility showed by Pyongyang over US-South Korean military exercises.

President Trump met Kim Yong Chol the former Chief of North Korean Intelligence at the White House with warmth. Trump described him as the second most powerful man in North Korea and described the meeting as a great start. Trump has expressed hope of highly fruitful results with North Korea but has stopped short of any breakthrough events in Singapore.

President Trump has said that many meetings will have to take place for a proper agreement to be worked out but he stated that North Korea is serious about denuclearization. Trump in his latest address did not mention the words of maximum pressure on his administration’s approach towards North Korea. Trump was however sure that an agreement which will formally end the 1950-53 Inter-Korean War was sure to be signed in the Summit.

While South Korea expressed hope about the Singapore Summit, Japan expressed a cautious approach for the same. It reiterated the fact that the only way to bring peace to Korean peninsula was to ensure concrete steps were taken by the North to put an end to its nuclear and ballistic missile program.

Kim Yong Chol is said to have handed a letter to President Trump stating that North Korea strongly opposes unilateral disarming as it regards nuclear weapons critical to its survival. Kim Yong Chol has become the senior-most envoy from North Korea to visit White House after a senior envoy had paid a visit to President Bill Clinton in 2000. He had been on the list of the sanctioned North Korean officials for his alleged support to North Korean nuclear and missile programs, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and also cyber attack. He was visiting the US under a  special permission.

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