Saudi Arabia warns Qatar of military action over S-400

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has threatened Qatar of military action if it takes Russian S-400 air defence system. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt had already cut all diplomatic ties with Qatar amid accusations of Doha’s support for terrorism. The nations had imposed a sea, air and also land blockade on Qatar in June 2017.

Russia and Qatar had signed an agreement on military and technical cooperation last year and is advanced in talks with Russia over the purchase of S-400 missile air defence systems. King Salman has written a letter to the French President Emmanuel Macron expressing grave concern over the latest talks between Moscow and Doha including the possibility of the latter deploying the missiles.

He had stated that Saudi Arabia will remain prepared to resort to all means including military action in order to dismantle and completely eliminate this defence system. King Salman has urged France to increase its pressure on the state of Qatar as the latest developments are detrimental to Saudi security.


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