North Korea suggests Joint Celebration of 2000 Summit

In high-level talks between the two Koreas at the border village of Panmunjom, North Korean leadership has proposed that the Koreas should hold a historic 2000 Inter-Korean Summit in South. Panmunjom is a demilitarised zone which separates the two Koreas. The meeting was directed at easing the recent tensions in bilateral relations.

North Korea had cancelled a meeting with South Korea as it was upset over the US and South Korea joint military drills which is considered as a clear violation of the Panmunjom Declaration. The recent meeting was held between Ri Son Gwon the chairman of the North Korean Committee of peaceful reunification of the country and Cho Myoung-gyon the Unification Minister of South Korea.

The two sides discussed areas like military cooperation, sports and forest cooperation in the follow-up to the April Summit. South Korean side suggested setting up of a Joint Liaison Office in the city of Kaesong, a border city in North Korea. The Koreas had jointly operated a factory park in Kaesong till 2016. North Korea agreed to the proposal. It is also reported that Ri Son Gwon expressed the reservations of the North about hosting of Thae Yong Ho by Seoul at its Parliament for a book launch in which he has described Kim Jong Un as impatient, impulsive and violent. Yong Ho was a former North Korean diplomat who had defected to South Korea in 2016.

North Korea also seeks repatriation of the North Korean restaurant workers which they claim were abducted by South. Latter, however, maintains that they had defected on their own will.

Both sides agreed to speed up efforts to improve the bilateral relations.

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