Top North Korean officials in US for Summit discussions

President Trump has confirmed the fact that top North Korean officials are visiting New York to hold discussions about the scheduled Kim and Trump Summit in June. President Trump has given clear indications that the Summit which has been in doldrums ever since it was proposed can take place as per schedule in high probability. A great and competent team has been put together by the US for holding talks with North Korean counterparts.

Kim Yong Chol, the vice chairman of Workers’ Party’s Central Committee is in the US to discuss the same. Kim Yong Chol had held discussions with Chinese counterparts before flying to the US. The whole series of events point to the fact that the talks clearly indicate the planning for the historic summit is underway once again after President Trump had called it off in a letter to Kim Jong Un last week. Just a day later President Trump stated that he had reconsidered his decision owing to latest positive developments which led to officials from both the countries to chalk out the desired details.

Kim Yong Chol had coordinated meetings of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s meetings with Kim Jong Un in April and May. He was also the only person after Kim Jong Un’s sister to attend the Inter-Korean Summit in April. It is believed that the US is trying to gauge the seriousness of North Korea to undergo complete denuclearisation by showing sufficient commitment towards denuclearisation.

It is also reported that Kim Jong Un’s de facto chief of staff Kim Chang Son also flew to Singapore via Beijing to the proposed site of the Summit. A pre-advance US team is already in Singapore to meet the North Korean officials.

North Korea has faced tough economic sanctions ever since 2006 due to its nuclear and missile programmes. 2017 saw a heated and intense exchange of words between Washington and Pyongyang which could have led to war as feared by the whole world. It was only the conciliatory New Year message by Kim Jong Un in December that changed the whole course and diplomacy took centre-stage. The Winter Olympics held at South Korea in January 2018 was another thaw in the bitter inter-Korean relations as North Korean and South Korean teams made their entry as one Korea.


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