Trump-Kim Summit back on track

In a recent warming between the US and North Korea, clear signals are sent that the upcoming Summit between US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is back on track. The two sides had recently shown reluctance in carrying forward the Summit as North Korea apparently stated that it will not accept unilateral denuclearization and destruction of the nuclear arsenal and had warned to pull out of the Summit. President Trump responded by action and cancelled the Summit altogether.

It was only after a gesture of goodwill by North Korea which expressed willingness to hold talks despite the current conundrum for the larger benefit of the peninsula changed US stance drastically. President Trump has henceforth given clear signals that Summit will happen. A high-level delegation has left for North Korea to hold preparatory talks. The prime focus of the team is to work on the logistics of the Summit.

President Trump took to Twitter to express that North Korea has immense potential for becoming a great economic and financial country. He added that this is a reality which will happen.

The pre-advance team has already left for Singapore to prepare for the logistics. President Moon Jae-in had earlier stated that in a surprise meeting with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un had stated that the US-North Korean Summit should take place.

North Korea has been facing tough economic sanctions since 2006 due to its nuclear and missile programs. North Korea has thus been a security challenge for all the successive US Presidents who have worked to slow down its weapons program ever since North Korea vowed to develop a nuclear missile capable of hitting US mainland.

Pyongyang and US have different expectations of the meaning and procedure for denuclearisation but South Korean President Moon Jae-in has urged both sides to hold working-level talks to a resolution of their differences.

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