Trump and the North Korean Summit

In a highly drastic move of events, President Trump has again hinted that the US and North Korean Summit in June could still take place- a first such meeting between a sitting President of United States of America and a North Korean leader.

President Trump had earlier cancelled the Summit due to immense anger and hostility showed by North Korea says it was a huge setback for North Korea and the world. However, the recent change in heart is said to be a result of the conciliatory message from North Korea which stated that it was open to talks despite the US cancellation of the Summit.

The comments came as a surprise to the world after intense weeks of blames and counter-blames by both North Korea and the US over the issue of denuclearization. Pyongyang had threatened to pull out of the Summit due to US demands of unilateral denuclearisation and complete dismantling of Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal and nuclear program.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in also arrived in the US in his efforts to ensure the US-North Korean Summit takes place as per schedule but his efforts were ignored as the Trump administration pulled out of the latter two days after the same. North Korea however, gave a surprising response by stating that it still remains committed to maintain peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and will want to hold talks with the US.

President Trump’s latest comments depicted a sense of re-engagement but it was highly unlikely that the Summit will take place on June 12 as originally planned. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also stated that the meeting between Trump and Kim is essential or progress of the region which will only come after the resolution of the issues which have gathered over time.



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