Top Iranian Leader: Europe has to meet demands to save the Deal

The Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has put a line of conditions on European powers which primarily include protection of trade and oil sales of Iran. The leader has categorically stated that if the European nations want Iran to stay in the Deal they will have to meet the conditions so defined.  The United States of America had pulled out of the Deal earlier stating that it is deeply flawed. The Deal had lifted sanctions on Iran in exchange for its curbs to the nuclear programme. Europe however, wants to save the Deal as it finds it as the best method of stopping Tehran from enriching its uranium for making a nuclear weapon. The top Iranian leader has said that Iran does not want to fight with France, Germany and Britain but Iran does not trust them. He has asked the nations to protect trade with Iran in order to save the deal.

The leader also stated that Europe should also save Iranian oil sales from the latest US sanctions which aim to cripple them. The leader also clarified that the European nations should not ask for negotiations on ballistic missile program of Iran and its activities in the region as both the points were not a part of the original deal with Iran but they should protect the Islamic regime from US sanctions.

The cleric also warned that failure of Europe to meet the demands will lead Iran to resume its uranium enrichment program which was stopped under the aegis of the Deal.

US Secretary of State had asked Iran to make broad policy changes or it will have to meet with the strongest sanctions in history. The Iranian leader completely rejected the US demand for the same.

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