Venezuela: Maduro faces backlash after election victory

President Nicolas Maduro has faced tough international criticism after he was declared victorious in the Monday vote and was re-elected as the President. International critics have described the election as a sham for restoring the autocracy in the nation mired in a deep economic mess.

Maduro has described his re-election as a victory against imperialism. But the main opponents have accused the election of irregularities and have thus refused to accept and recognise the results of the same. The main opposition leaders were banned from contesting the election and even the coalition of the parties was barred by the election board of the nation.

Maduro won by a clear margin by securing 68 percent votes in his favour while his closest rival Henri Falcon. The turnout for the election was measured at a low of 46 percent which was way below the turnout in previous elections of 80 percent.

Maduro in his election speech said he will work towards economic recovery after 5 long years of a severe economic recession which had forced critical shortages of food, medicines etc. for the masses.

The United States of America has condemned the whole process and has labelled it as a farce which holds no credibility. It has threatened to impose strict sanctions on the Venezuelan oil sector which has been severely hit by the waning output, archaic infrastructure etc.

The Lima Group of nations comprising 14 heads of states from Americas, Canada and even Brazil have expressed their dissatisfaction over the election results and have declined to recognize the legitimacy of the vote. The Lima Group blamed the government for the horrible humanitarian crisis which led to mass migration of the people from Venezuela. The group has called on international financial institutions to check on corruption and even get any loan approvals to be blocked.

However, nations like Cuba, Bolivia- the leftist allies have sent congratulatory notes. In addition to these Venezuela can depend on China and Russia for support.

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