US puts tough demands on Iran

Trump administration has toughened its Iran approach and has asked the Islamic Republic to take tough choices else face most severe economic sanctions. The demands kept by the US include completely halting its nuclear program and also withdrawal from Syria.

The new US stance has come as a threat to Iran as the US stated it will impose strongest sanctions on Iran and also vowed to completely wipe out all the operatives abroad. This has set US and Iran on another course of confrontation. US Secretary of State has demanded widespread changes which will push Iran to withdraw from a Middle-Eastern sphere of political influence. The recent remarks have aggravated the tensions between the two nations. US has said that Iran will have to make substantial changes in its policies for the US to reverse its sanctions which will definitely grow more intense if Iran refuses to change its path. Mike Pompeo reiterated that the sanctions will be the strongest ever in history. Pompeo also mentioned and aimed at the armed groups in the Middle East which are being backed by Iran in countries like Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Pompeo described the demands as totally reasonable and basic to peace.

The European Union nations completely dismissed the recent threats by the US and said that it will remain committed to the Nuclear Deal with Iran. The new Iran policy as spelt by the US Secretary of State has clarified that there is no room for diplomacy with Iran. The US will also go to punish the companies which will continue to do business with Tehran.  Experts have termed the US policy aimed at crippling Iranian economy and prevent it from pursuing its regional goals. The recent announcement has further raised the possibility of war between US, allies against Iran.




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