Trump unsure about North Korean Summit

President Donald Trump did not give any definite response to North Korean threat to pull out of the Summit and instead stated that he had not received any official response which put the talks under doubt. President Trump stated that it was not sure as there was no notification and that “ we’ll have to see”.

He added that the US will press on North Korea for denuclearisation. The Trump administration had been working to ensure the real nature of the warnings and if they really hold the potential of derailing the entire Summit. The administration later labelled the threats as an expected hurdle while dealing with the hermit regime. The North Korean administration had taken a tough stance over the US-South Korean military drills which they saw as a provocation and in complete disregard to the Panmunjom Declaration. North Korea also threatened to cancel the Summit with Trump if it is based on the pretext of complete denuclearisation as a condition for economic assistance. Furthermore, more statements had come from the North Korean disarmament negotiator which completely rejected US condition for immediate nuclear disarmament.

Trump administration is trying to work out on the depth of the threats by the North Korean regime by employing both diplomatic and intelligence channels to get better insight into the whole incidence. Experts have however pointed towards the possibility of a cancellation of the Summit by North Korea which is famous for its unpredictable behaviour. However, the response of President Trump will be significant as latter has taken a soft stance over North Korea. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders stated that the US was prepared to move away from the talks for which the parameters were still being worked out.

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