Dozens killed in Gaza as US opens embassy in Jerusalem

The Israeli forces shot dead many dozens of Palestinians who were protesting on Gazan border against the grand opening of US embassy in Jerusalem by the Trump administration. The move heightened tensions in the area to unprecedented levels.

The day has been labelled as the bloodiest by Health Ministry of Palestine as 58 protestors were killed and over 2700 were left injured in the brutal gunfire by the Israeli forces. The international community urged the government of Israel to exercise restraint. France and Britain strongly condemned the whole incident while Turkey labelled it as a massacre. The US also asked Israel to exercise caution and put the whole blame on Hamas group operating from Gaza. The US, however, supported the Israeli action as an action to defend its borders. The stance of US was seen as distant from its European allies- a second such major event when both the sides had taken different positions on key issues.

Despite the bloodshed at the borders, many Israeli dignitaries became part of the ceremony in Jerusalem. The move is historic as it completed the promise of US President Donald Trump to officially recognise the holy city as the capital of Israel. Prime Minister thanked Trump administration for the bold move to honour the promises made despite the opposition.



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