Rouhani: Iran to remain part of the JCPOA

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has stated that Iran will continue to remain a member of the 2015 Nuclear Deal provided if its interests are protected and the whole pact is reworked out without taking in the US. In his address on the state television, Rouhani has labelled the US withdrawal as a complete violation and disregard of morals.

Rouhani cleared the air by explicitly stating that if all the rest of the countries will continue to remain in the Accord, Iran will also abide by it despite the US presence and will. The US move to withdraw from the JCPOA despite the hard-pressing by its European allies to honour the same has deeply upset the latter in addition triggering an uncertainty over global oil prices and an increased risk of conflict in the Middle East.

The divisions among the Iranian political elite have also come to the forefront. Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is on a trip to other nations who are a signatory to the deal, in an attempt to save the Pact from collapsing. China has stated that the visit by the Iranian minister will present a better picture of the Iranian stance and thus protect its interests. China expressed willingness to remain in talks with other member nations and arrive at an objective and fair conclusion to protect the agreement.

Thus, Rouhani has said that Iran will remain committed to the Accord if it is ensured protection from the sanctions. However, there is a disagreement in Iran internally over again relying on the Western nations with some prominent voices asking for an apology from the President for failing to obtain guarantees for the agreement.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has expressed hope that both US and European nations are able to chalk out a common path on how to deal with Iran. White House Security Adviser John Bolton had earlier stated that European companies which deal with Iran will have to face US sanctions.

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