European nations come together after US withdrawal from JCPOA

The prominent European economies have taken firm steps to protect their commercial and economic interests in Iran in line with efforts to save the Nuclear Deal with Iran even after United Nations has pulled back from the Pact. Germany and France have deep trade dealings with Tehran and thus remain committed to the Pact. Britain too has decided to remain with JCPOA despite the US withdrawal.

German leader Merkel has reiterated the need for revisiting the Deal with Tehran to discuss all possibilities. The European nations are proposed to submit various sanctions-blocking measures to the European Commission. The new situations have enumerated the realisation in Europe that the European economies cannot endlessly keep submitting to American decisions. Germany has also proposed to give all forms of help including legal advice to the firms who are in business with Tehran.  French foreign minister has categorically stated that although French were prepared to negotiate with the US but are also committed to defending their own stances and positions on major international issues.

There is a general fear in Europe that the collapse of the Nuclear Deal could trigger wider conflicts in the Middle East. It is said that the European powers are considering holding broader talks with Tehran which will also involve its ballistic missile program and its increasing role in Syria and Yemen.

Iran has however stated that it will remain committed to the Deal if its interests and benefits remain intact under the remaining signatories. It is not clear if it will be willing to discuss any other aspect which was not a part of the original deal. Iranian senior cleric Ayatollah Khatami has expressed doubts over European intentions while addressing worshippers in Tehran.

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