Malaysia Elections: PM Razak bites defeat. Oppn wins

Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia suffered a major election defeat to the opposition leader Mahathir Mohamad. Mohamad who is 92 is all set to become the oldest leader of the world.

Najib government was plagued by many scams and was thus badly defeated in the recent elections in which the coalition of parties under the leadership of Mohamad had fought. Mohamad had ruled the nation for 22 years and had now again emerged from his retired life to challenge Najib in the 14th General Election of the country.

The defeat is a great fall for Razak who comes from one of the most influential parties of Malaysia and belongs to the Barisan Nasional party which has led the nation ever since its independence 61 years ago. Mahathir coalition party had swept 121 seats from a total of 222 which is a clear simple majority. Barisan Nasional had won on 73 seats as against 133 it had won in the last election in 2013.

The Election Commission has stated that there was a 76% voter turnout. The results have wound up the political career of Razak. Political experts have stated that Barisan Nasional could have won the elections had it given up on Najib who was now a liability. Najib has been under continuous pressure before elections due to allegations of corruption and misappropriation of money from the state fund. Najib had redrawn various electoral lines which had skewed various constituencies in his favour. In the run-up to the election, Najib had also passed a bill which stifled free speech.   Thus, the election was largely labelled as contentious.

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