Iran shells Israeli outposts across Syria

The Iranian forces in Syria have bombarded many army outposts along the Syrian frontier which further intensified the situation with a fierce reciprocal response from Syria ever since the Syrian civil war began 8 years ago. Iranian forces attacked the Israeli-occupied region Golan Heights thus making it the first instance of Iran targeting Israel directly on Syrian territory. Iranian forces are deployed together with the Shi’ite militias in support of President Bashar al-Assad.

Israel also launched a huge counterattack with dozens of missiles targeting a radio station, other defence positions and also an ammunition dump site. This has sparked the risk of a wider conflict with Iran. The Israeli army confirmed that the attack by Iran was carried out by the Quds Force which is an external wing of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran. Much damage was not inflicted as many Iranian missiles were intercepted by a few Israeli rockets and there were no casualties.

The relations of Iran and Israel have plummeted in the last few months over Syria and Iran had vowed to retaliate after Israel had struck it with an air strike. Israel has previously also targeted Iran on many occasions in Syria. Syrian state television has reported many Israeli missiles had hit many targets in the Baath City close to borders. Many missiles had been downed in the cities of Damascus, Homs and even Sueida.

Israel has always regarded Iran and Hezbollah as the biggest threat to it and has launched many attacks against them. The attack has given rise to fears of further escalation.


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