South Korea: Japan and North Korea should begin talks

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has urged both Japan and North Korea to make efforts to establish peace in the region by holding talks. Moon said that the dialogue process between the two nations should resume. Cordial relations between the two Asian countries will be significant for ensuring peace and security in Northeast Asia.

The success of North-South Korean Summit last month has given rise to hopes for denuclearisation. Japan has already labelled the North Korean nuclear program as the toughest threat to Japanese security in the world since the end of World War II. Japanese Foreign Minister has however clarified that there is no change to Japanese stance on North Korean nuclear and missile program in addition to the abduction issue.

Bilateral relations between Tokyo and Pyongyang have been strained and are marked by tension and hostility. Majority of Japanese view North Korean influence in the region in a negative light. One of the strongest hit at the ties was caused by the abductions of Japanese citizens by North Korean agents between 1977 to 1983. Although the latter was denied for many years at a stretch finally North Korea admitted to the abduction of 13 Japanese people in 2002, out of which it returned 5 and claimed that the others had died. However, it was later determined one of the returned remains of person was different. Although Japan has repeatedly urged North Korea to clear its stance on the issue latter has always claimed that the whole issue has already been resolved.

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