Iran warns US over abandoning Nuclear Deal

Iran has strongly warned the US against pulling out of Nuclear Deal and said it will be a historic mistake. The statement has come just one week prior to President Donald Trump’s deadline of May 12. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that Iran is completely prepared for any decision to be taken and announced by the Trump administration. He stated that Iran will not compromise or negotiate on weapons it has for the defence of their nation.

The recent comments by President Rouhani are significant as Trump administration is weighing all options to extend the waivers on sanctions imposed on Iran as mentioned in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

As per the US legal requirements, the President has to recertify the agreement after every three months. JCPOA which was signed by President Barack Obama along with Russia, China and other nations states that Iran will give up its nuclear enrichment program and considerably reduce its uranium stocks in return for the lifting of economic sanctions. President Trump is not happy with the Deal especially the sunset clauses.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also opened another front against the validity of the JCPOA and has said that the whole Agreement is based on a false report submitted by Iran to the International Atomic Energy Agency. He cautioned the world powers that leaving JCPOA as such will lead to the development of nuclear arsenal by Iran in a short duration of time.

French President Emmanuel Macron is leading European nations like Britain and Germany to press President Trump to save the deal.  Boris Johnson, the UK Foreign Minister will soon fly to Washington to gather support for the Deal.

President Rouhani has also said that Iran will also produce many facilities,  weapons and missiles which are needed for the defence of the country.




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