Trump: Date and Place set for North Korean Summit

Donald Trump President of United States of America has said that the date and time have been finalised for the North Korean Summit with the leader Kim Jong Un. Trump also gave passing hints at progress made on the issue of freeing of three Americans who are being held in North Korea. White House has stated that the meeting between the leaders of two nations is slated to occur in coming weeks where President Trump is expected to push North Korean regime for complete denuclearisation.

It is quite possible that the Demilitarised Zone which falls between North and South Korea and Singapore is selected as the venue for the historic summit. Trump had expressed inclination for DMZ as the final venue although Singapore could also be chosen. The historic summit between North and South Korean heads had taken place at DMZ at the Peace House. The National Security Advisor of US John Bolton will discuss the upcoming Summit with his South-Korean counterpart.

The Trump administration is closely watching the movement of the three Americans being held by North Korea at labour camps have been finally moved to a hotel near Pyongyang. This has further eased the climate and it is speculated that all three will be released before the Summit. White House has stated that the release of the  three Americans will be seen a gesture of good will and thus seen in positive light before the Kim-Trump Summit.

President Trump has stated that he will not take up reduction of US military presence in South Korea as part of the strategy.

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