South Korea: US troops should stay despite any treaty with North

South Korea has stated that US troops should continue their presence in South Korea despite the peace treaty reached with North Korea. South Korea clarified that the presence of US troops is a result of an alliance between the US and South Korea which is completely independent of any peace treaties it signs.

Last month, a column by President Moon’s adviser had said that the justification of continued presence of US troops in South Korea will become complicated after the inter-Korean peace treaty. Seoul however, clarified that the presence of US troops is important primarily because South Korea has played the role of a mediator in many international conflicts like between the neighbouring powers China and Japan.

The US presently has around 28,500 troops in South Korea which have been demanded by North Korea to be removed as a pre-condition for giving up the nuclear and missile program. The presence of US troops in South Korea dates back to Korean War which was ended in 1953 after an armistice between the two Koreas.

However, there was no mention about the withdrawal of US troops from South Korea in the joint declaration signed between the two Koreas which stated that there will be no more war on Korean Peninsula.




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