PM Netanyahu: Iran lied

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has stated that Iran has lied to the world community about not having attempted to seek nuclear weapons. Netanyahu stated that Iranian Republic has continuously been preserving and increasing its knowledge about nukes even after signing the JCPOA. He categorically stated that the Iranian leaders have lied to the world about its nuclear weapons program.

In a televised address the Israeli leader spoke in English and while he also showcased both pictures and videos about secret nuclear facilities of Iran along with the intellectual data to develop a nuclear bomb. Netanyahu said that al such acts had well been continued even after signing of JCPOA. He further added that after the agreement was signed Iran had further intensified its bid to hide the secret files about nuclear weapons. It was in 2017 when Iran had hidden the nuclear weapons files in Tehran.  Netanyahu also mentioned the Iranian nuclear project “Amad”  which was given up in 2003 formally but he said the work on it still continued in the field.

President Trump has threatened to move out of the JCPOA unless the European powers address the clauses which he terms as a real disaster.









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