US raises concern about malign activities of Iran

The United States have expressed grave concerns about the growing destabilising activities of the Republic of Iran. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed his concerns during his meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu at Tel Aviv. He further added that close ties with Israel are needed to combat the malign activities of Iran which are dangerous for Israel and the region at large. Pompeo also reiterated that US embassy will be moved to Jerusalem which will formally recognize the latter as the capital of Israel. In a joint statement with Saudi Arabian foreign minister, Pompeo underlined the developments that Iran sponsors terrorism in the region by backing proxy militias and terrorist groups in addition to supplying arms to Houthis in Yemen. Iran also backs Assad government which as per US is a murderous regime.

Concerns were also raised about the air of mistrust between Qatar and other Gulf nations and urged all parties to find an amicable solution to the issue. The Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia had snapped all travel and trade ties with Qatar based on accusations of its support of terrorism and Iran. US is concerned about the rift and wants to mediate the same.

Pompeo has also urged the Gulf states to contribute both funds and troops to improve the situation in Syria and Iraq.




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