Syrian Army and ISIS engage in fierce battle in south Damascus

The Syrian regime forces along with its allies have waged an intensive battle against the fighters of Islamic State in a southern enclave of Damascus. The Army is using both fire by artillery and small arms. Army has gained control over a broad area which is densely built as per the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Soldiers of Syrian Army were seen moving through the streets of the area with a background of thick, black smoke. Tanks were seen rolling in areas of al-Qadam district, Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp etc. The Syrian army has recently gained control over the vital area of Eastern Ghouta and has remained committed to ending resistance in many areas surrounding the Syrian capital.

Islamic State has lost a vast amount of land in two major offensives by Syrian army with the support of Russia and Iran and other major offensive by the militias backed by the US.  The group is left with only a few areas in the eastern desert of Syria, some parts in southern Damascus and an area bordering Jordan and Israel led by another outfit which has alleged its allegiance to it.

It was the Russian entry on Syrian landscape which completely turned around the ground situation for Assad. Russian backing helped Assad secure a line of victories against many battles waged against the rebels and the vast amount of area was taken back by the governmental forces. Rebels, still do have control over large areas of northwest and southwest Syria.

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov in meeting with his counterparts from Turkey and Iran stated that all three nations have to help Syrian government to completely wipe out terrorist hold on Syrian soil. Turkish foreign minister has however said that the three need to work in sync with United Nations to for making the whole operation legitimate and sustainable.






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