Pompeo begins Middle-East tour

US Secretary of State has finally triggered his Middle-East tour from Saudi Arabia in order to gather support for renewed sanctions on Iran. The visit is highly critical as it has been scheduled merely two days after Mike Pompeo was sworn-in as the new Secretary of State for the US and the prime agenda is to decide if US should pull-out from the JCPOA with Iran- a deal which is still supported by European allies of US. Pompeo is set to visit Riyadh, Jerusalem and Amman.

The US is trying to muster support for sanctions on all Iranian individuals and entities which have been linked with Iranian missile program. The US has been urging the nations around the world to support the fresh sanctions. Brian Hook, a senior policy advisor who is also accompanying Pompeo has stated that Iran is supplying ballistic missiles to Yemenese Houthis who have been firing the same into Saudi Arabia. US has stated that the ballistic missile program of Iran has hindered the progress of peace in the region and has threatened US strategic interests in the region.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action which has been signed with Iran only puts a cap on nuclear program of Iran in return for relief on sanctions without hurting its ballistic missile program. President Trump has labelled the agreement as one of the worst deals ever and has threatened to pull out of it unless Britain, France and Germany agree to fix the irking clauses. The Deal was signed by US, Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany and Iran to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.

Mike Pompeo has stated that although Trump administration has given no indication of the future of the Deal but will not likely be a part of it unless substantial changes are made on the ground. He added that a whole team of experts is working on it and there will be extensive rounds of discussion before something concrete is achieved. France and Germany have individually called on President Trump to not to dismantle the Deal.



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