Inter-Korean Summit: Ends in NO MORE WAR declaration

North and South Korean leaders have vowed to absolute denuclearisation on Korean Peninsula and thus bring a complete and formal end to the Korean War after 65 years. In a historic Summit, President Moon Jae-in of South Korea and Kim Jong Un from North Korea put their signatures on the Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula. As per the declaration, the Koreas have pledged complete denuclearisation and talks which will bring a formal end to the conflict.

The day was loaded with heavy symbolism as the leaders planted a tree with soil from both North and South Korea. They also held talks for about 2 hours.

International experts have welcomed the outcomes but have also put doubt on the stunning turnaround by the North Korean leader who had just under a year been threatening the US mainland with intercontinental ballistic missiles and was often seen smiling on the launch sites of these missiles.  Experts have put forth the view that further denuclearization kept on one side, there is a faint possibility of the Northern regime completely dismantling its existing arsenal. The actual progress on part of North Korea en-route to unilateral denuclearisation with unrealistic security guarantees it awaits to see from the US still seems alien to reality. The surprising charm offensive by the North Korean leader witnessed by the world is definitely aimed at extracting maximum concessions from the US.

The experts are still marking the whole set of outcomes with heavy scepticism as the committed denuclearisation will have to pass through a highly intricate process where every minute detail will have to be taken care of- a possibility which is quite remote.

The Summit has definitely challenged the status quo regarding Kim’s authoritarian rule but it will be prudent to not completely ignore the North Korean timeline of threats and provocations in a bid to control the entire peninsula. The severe and continuous human rights abuses faced by the people of North Korea should not be forgotten and swept away by the changed appeal of the leader.

China and US have congratulated both the parties of the Summit while Japanese head could not hide his scepticism over the real outcomes of the same.

The Summit holds great significance as the date of Kim-Trump Summit draws closer. It is expected Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Pyongyang before the historic US-North Korean summit.



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