Mike Pompeo arrives in Brussels to see NATO allies

The new US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has finally arrived in Brussels to hold talks with primary NATO allies to foster the alliance. Pompeo is a staunch supporter of President Trump. Mike Pompeo who is a former Army officer and a Republican has been involved in US diplomatic ventures.

The primary agenda for the meeting is said to be the Russian advance over Ukraine, Georgia and its advance in Syria in addition to beefing up security along the southern frontier of Europe. Pompeo is also expected to press the allies of European alliance to raise their military budgets to reach a target of 2 percent of defence expenditure by 2024. The issue of the future of Iran Nuclear Deal will also be taken up. Pompeo has stated that he believes in saving the JCPOA as it considered highly essential by West to check Iranian nuclear program. The growing influence of Iran in Middle-East, especially in Syria and Yemen, are also going to feature in discussions.

The new Secretary of State will visit Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel over the weekend. There are a lot of pressing international issues which have to be addressed by Pompeo which include the widening conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan.






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