Koreas embrace future: Historic Inter-Korean Summit kicks-in

Leaders of North and South Korea are holding a historic meeting after more than a decade with Kim Jong Un becoming the first North Korean leader to cross the line along DMZ and step into South Korea. The two leaders greeted each other with smiles as they met at heavily guarded DMZ between the two countries. The Summit is seen as a major step forward to bring peace to the Korean peninsula. The meeting comes few weeks before the North Korean leader is slated to meet President Trump for holding discussions on denuclearising the peninsula.

Kim Jong Un stated before the talks began, that “We are at a starting line today, where a new history of peace, prosperity and inter-Korean relations is being written”. It is said that Kim Jong Un told President Moon in a private meeting that he had personally agreed to come to the Summit to put a complete end to the history of conflict and also expressed his willingness to visit the Presidential Blue House in Seoul and would appreciate the meetings happen more often in future.

Few days before the Summit, Kim had said in a television address that North Korea was suspending its nuclear program and will even destroy its only nuclear test site. However, there was no mention made of the nuclear weapons the Northern regime had amassed over the years. Kim has always referred to his nuclear arsenal as an important deterrent for its security.

The last two Summits between the two Koreas were not able to produce any substantial results to bring a halt to North Korea’s weapons program. Both the Summits were held at Pyongyang in 2000 and 2007.

President Moon greeted Kim at the MDL military demarcation line thus making Kim the first North Korean leader to step on South Korean soils after the 1950-53 Korean war. Kim was in his trademark black Mao suit while the other members of the North Korean delegation were wearing military uniforms.



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