Trump-Macron discuss ways to contain Iran

President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron are trying to work out measures to contain Iran although President Trump has made no assurances of staying in the nuclear deal which he labels as a disaster. President Trump has however threatened Iran of consequences if it restarts its nuclear program.

President Trump did not turn down his hatred for the Deal as he labelled it as the most insane, terrible and ridiculous deal as it does not address the rising influence of Iran in the region or put a cap on its ballistic missile program. Trump, however, did talk about a new deal which can be worked out between Iran and the World Powers which will seek to address all the impending concerns about the Iranian nuclear program.

President Macron who is on a three-day visit to the US is using all end possible to save the nuclear deal which the West sees as a hope for prevention of Iran from making a nuclear bomb and thus trigger an arms race in the Middle-East.  Macron has proposed that US and European allies will effectively block any nuclear activity from Iran till 2025 and also address Iran’s nuclear program while at the same time try to work out a political solution to contain growing Iranian influence in Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon. The progress of Macron-Trump talks on the issue still remains blurred as President Trump did not make any clear commitment on the latter but stated that Iran will have to pay a heavy price if it restarts its nuclear program. It is also not sure that China and Russia will ever agree to increased measures against Tehran.

It is also expected that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will also bring up the issue during her low-key visit to White House this week. Another option under consideration is to give more time to European powers to work out a deal with Tehran on more tough lines. Iran, on the other hand, has issued stark warnings to the US that it will restart and ramp up its nuclear program if the US pulls out from the nuclear deal.

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