European nations finalising package to save Iran Nuclear Deal

The envoys from Britain,  France and Germany have expressed hope after another meeting that they have prepared a package to persuade President Trump to save the Iran Nuclear Deal. The 2015 Pact which had been signed between Russia, China, Germany, Britain, France, US and Iran is seen by the European signatories as the best option to stop Iran from making a nuclear weapon in return of lifting the economic sanctions. President Trump has, however, labelled the deal as the worst ever negotiated and has thus threatened to scrap it by reimposing the sanctions on Iran next month.

Brian Hook and the envoys of three European nations are trying to frame a set of measures against Iran in order to please President Trump to stay in the deal. The three envoys have expressed hope in the latest round of talks and stated that there has been considerable progress although nothing concrete has happened as of now.

European officers clarified that only a few measures have been introduced and no new deal is being prepared. Israel intelligence has expressed that the new measures prepared by the European powers to save the JCPOA- Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action has the potential to make President Trump stay his hand. US spokesperson said at Geneva that the US does not look forward to renegotiating the agreement or strive to change its terms but the US stands for another supplemental agreement which will bring in more rules, terms and other restraints.

Even the European powers are not looking at any kind of renegotiation of the deal but are trying to work on separate angles which have been conclusively reached between the US and Europe to touch the aspects which are not covered under the deal i.e. basically the Iranian Ballistic Missile Program and Iranian support for Assad regime. Thus, the new plan will mean more sanctions on Iran.

Iranian President has categorically stated that the European powers have no authority to tamper with the agreement and even questioned the qualifications of US President to be able to question such a complex international agreement. Rouhani also enumerated the Trump’s career as a property developer and stated that a tradesman, a building constructor, a merchant cannot make judgements on vital issues of international affairs. Some senior official of Iran has however said that Iran does not want to keep the ballistic missile program for negotiations.




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