China for more action near Taiwan

China has recently carried out a spate of military drills in waters near Taiwan which were aimed at sending a clear message to Taiwan that it should restrict its activities towards independence else China will be forced to take further action to contain it. China has apparently increased its military activities near Taiwan not even sparing the sensitive zones like Taiwan Strait.

China has always laid claims on Taiwan as its sacred territory and the recent spate of hostility is because of the election of Tsai Ing-wen who hails from the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party. Although Taiwan President has announced that Taiwan will not pursue independence and will maintain status quo yet China has been issuing repeated warnings to it to not to fall off the line.

China’s spokesperson for Taiwan Affairs Office clearly told media that the message which China wants to give to Taiwan is apparent and clear. He further stated that China has the full capacity, will and absolute confidence that any independence plots will be foiled for the sake of maintaining sovereignty and territorial integrity of Chinese mainland. The Chinese military drills are thus undertaken for the protection of Taiwan Strait and defending the interests of people.



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