Iran warns Trump it will pull out from NPT

Iran has warned United States that it will pull out from Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty if the US scraps their Iranian Nuclear Deal. As per an ultimatum was given by President Trump, US will not renew the sanctions relief on Iran if the clauses of the deal which are said to be “terrible flaws” are not fixed by the European powers. If latter happens, US sanctions will again be applicable to the Iranian regime and thus a horrible blow to the Pact.

Other nations which are also signatories of the Pact have stated that they want the Pact to be saved for it was a vital arrangement to cap the nuclear ambitions of Iran in exchange for lifting the economic sanctions which had crippled its economy over time.

Ali Shamkani the secretary of Supreme National Security Council of Iran has said that the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization is all set for some surprising actions if the nuclear deal is scrapped. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty had come into effect in 1970 to stop the spread of capabilities and technologies necessary for the production of nuclear weapons. It, however, also gives its members the right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

Russia, China, US , Britain and France who were the original five nuclear powers will also phase out their nuclear arsenal. Earlier Iranian President Rouhani had also warned President Trump to stay in the pact or else face severe consequences.

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