Iran warns US against Nuclear Deal exit

The President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has finally issued a categorical warning to the United States of America that it should be ready for both “expected and unexpected”  reactions if it pulls out from the Nuclear Deal. President Donald Trump has already threatened and passed an ultimatum till May to European allies to work around a solution to the clauses which are denounced by him or else US will not extend the sanctions waiver to Iran which is due in May. This will, in other words, mean that the US will pull-out from the Deal.

President Rouhani taking a tough stance stated that the Atomic energy agency in Iran is fully prepared to give shape to actions which are both contemplated and the ones which are never thought of by the West. The Iran Nuclear Deal had put an end to the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic in return for relief on sanctions. President Trump has called the Deal as one of the worst which has ever been negotiated primarily due to the sunset clauses. The European allies are already in intense talks with the US over the May 12 deadline. Iran has on other hand stated that it will abide by the accord till it is respected by other parties but will withdraw in the eventuality of US pullout.

Iranian media has reported that there are many options for Iran if the US pulls out and Iranian reaction will not be soothing for the US. Iran has also taken measures to ward off any instability in forex markets if the US pulls out by putting additional controls. It has unified the official and open market exchange rates and has put a firm ban on any kind of currency exchanges outside the banks. These steps followed after Rial slipped to an all-time low amid fears of resumed sanctions.





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