Prince Charles will be next Head of Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Leaders which hail from 53 member states have unanimously agreed on Prince Charles to the be the next head of the body. The Commonwealth leaders took a unanimous decision in the UK. Queen Elizabeth had expressed her wish in her opening day address to the group that she wished her son to head the Commonwealth one day.

The Queen became the head of the Commonwealth in 1952 when she got the role from her father George VI. The position of the head of the Commonwealth is not hereditary and it depends on the leaders of the 53 nations who are members to select the same.

There were wide-ranging discussions on the issue on the opening day of the summit but it was on the second and final day the 53 members in their leaders’ statement stated: “We recognize the role of the Queen in championing the Commonwealth and its peoples. The next head of the Commonwealth shall be His Royal Highness Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales”.

Commonwealth is an organisation which is non-binding on any of its members. Many members are small island nations. The organisation thus knits around 2.4 billion people around the world together. The role of the Queen has been although symbolic but has defined her reign, thus it made it symbolically important that Prince Charles took over the position from her and a rotating Presidency is not created.

The Queen has kept the spirit of the Commonwealth alive long after the fall of the British Empire by regularly visiting the Commonwealth nations around the world. The organisation is mostly involved in fostering trade, social issues, environmental concerns and even international relations.

Prince Charles welcomed the decision and mentioned the strong bonds he shared with its members. He said that the Commonwealth has been an elementary part of his life. He reiterated his faith in the great organisation and said that Commonwealth has a key agenda to bring the nations together and make the world a better place.

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