North Korea to stop nuclear tests, Abolish Test site

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has stated that the country will stop its nuclear and intercontinental missile test program immediately as the goal of developing nuclear weapons is largely complete. The North Korean leader said that the nuclear test site will also be abolished immediately. The change in heart of the leader has come as a surprise to the world community.

The Korean Central News Agency KCNA stated that the latest announcement is in line to pursue greater economic development for the Korean peninsula and thereby raise the possibilities of close and active dialogue in the upcoming summits. This is a watershed event as it is the first time the regime has openly addressed its nuclear program and has declared to bring it to a complete halt.

KCNA has stated that the nuclear test ground in the north will be abolished to bring transparency in claims of complete discontinuation of the nuclear tests. The focus of the economy will shift to boost the socialist economy and considerably raise the living standards of its people by bringing about the complete mobilisation of human and material resources of the country.

President Trump has welcomed the gesture and said it is good news both for North Korea and the world. He labelled it as great progress and said he looked forward to the Summit with North Korea. South Korea and Japan also welcomed the decision by the North Korean regime.

The nuclear program of the North Korean regime had given rise to fear of a nuclear war last year as it conducted many tests including testing of a powerful nuclear bomb. Kim Jong Un had said that the program was undertaken as a deterrent measure against the growing hostility towards the US.

Analysts are trying to determine the real essence of the big announcement by the North Korean leader. It remains to be seen if the whole program will be completely shut down or will mean a suspension of the development of nuclear programs. Also, there has been no mention about its existing arsenal of nuclear weapons.





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