US Political Storm: Democrats sue Russia, Trump campaign

The Democrats have sued Russia, Trump campaign and Wikileaks for conspiring to disrupt the 2016 Presidential elections and tilt the same in favour of Trump. The lawsuit has been filed in a top court in Manhatten and states that the officials from Trump campaign had got involved with Russia along with latter’s military spy firm primarily to hack the computers of Democratic Party and bend the elections in favour of the President. It has been mentioned in the lawsuit that Russian help was happily accepted by Trump campaign.

It has been making rounds in media since last year that the hacking of systems of Democratic Party was sponsored by Russia in addition to other forms of advanced meddling. The whole campaign was to benefit Trump over Clinton.

The lawsuit includes top Trunk advisors like Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos are the notable ones among others. The bold conspiracy under which Russia directly worked with Trump campaigners, severely hurt the relationship of Democrats with voters thus completely distorting the US Presidential campaign in 2016. The reports from US intelligence states that Russian President Vladimir Putin had actually given orders for an influence campaign with the primary goal of channelizing the public opinion against Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and also undermining the democratic system in the world’s oldest democracy.

President Trump has repeatedly denied the charges and has also denounced the findings of Robert Mueller who is the Special Counsel who was appointed to deeply find out any Russian angle and link to  2016 Presidential election.


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