New President of Cuba promises to defend Revolution

Miguel Diaz-Canel the new President of Cuba has formally begun his term with a promise to stand-by the socialist revolution which has been successfully carried on by the Castro brothers since 1959 in his first Presidential speech which was termed as modest and precise. He reiterated the compelling need to modernize the economy of the island.

Miguel Diaz-Canel has been a prominent leader of the ruling Communist Party. He took the swear as the President of the National Assembly in a well-orchestrated ceremony which was designed to preserve the political system in the Caribbean nation. He has replaced Raul Castro. He stated that the mandate which has been handed over by the people of the nation is basically for the job of continuation of the Cuban revolution and this transition in leadership marks a historic moment.

He also paid a heartfelt homage to Raul Castro who had taken office 10 years ago when Fidel Castro’s health grew worse. Diaz-Canel also stated that Raul Castro who will remain as the head of the Communist Party till 2021 Congress, will continue to remain involved in major decisions.

Raul Castro, who also addressed the National Assembly as the out-going President, slammed the US for its foreign trade and immigration policies under Trump Presidency.  Castro firmly stated that the bilateral relations which had been considerably improved under Obama have taken a reverse course which is deliberate due to aggressive stance of US. Trump administration has ordered a halt to do business with some state-run companies of Cuba, in addition, to further tightening the rules for US visitors. Furthermore, the mystery illnesses seen in many US diplomats in Havana has also added fuel to sinking trust between the two nations.

The swearing-in ceremony took on a day which marked the 57th anniversary of Cuba’s defeat of a CIA-supported  Cuban exile invasion at Bay of Pigs. This is celebrated in Cuba as its victory against the imperialist designs and pressure for change from the US.

Diaz-Canel praised Castro’s efforts to improve relations with the US and categorically assured that there will be no compromise on the foreign policy matters of Cuba but he will welcome dialogue with any nation which treats Cuba as equal.

The new President will have to strike a delicate balance between the defence of the socialist ideology and introducing economic reforms. He, however, clarified that the nation will not return to capitalism and no sweeping changes should be expected. His Presidency will be characterised by “modernisation of the economic and social model”.

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