US: High-level talks with North Korea underway

President Donald Trump has stated that the United States of America is in extremely high-level talks with North Korea for making the upcoming Summit between him and his counterpart Kim Jong Un-possible. President raised speculations as he stated that the Summit which had been announced in March may take place in late May, early June or never at all.

There were no details furnished as to who was negotiating with whom on both sides but President Trump signalled exchange of goodwill and a positive hope for the future. US Intelligence and State Department have been in touch with North Korea in recent weeks. Trump also stated that 5 different locations are being under consideration for the possible meeting. All five locations are outside the US and are likely to be in South East Asia or Europe. There are high-level speculations about the locations being the demilitarised zone between Koreas, Geneva, Mongolia, Stockholm etc.

The Summit which is scheduled may not happen at all was also one of the possibilities stated by Trump as he said the US-backed the efforts made by Koreas to restore mutual peace and relations.

The announcement has lent a highly dramatic turn to the opening of the Summit with Japanese leader Shinzo Abe. Latter is supposed to be dominated by North Korean issue and recent trade issues especially as the US did not include Japan in the list of countries which were exempted from tariffs recently. Japan will raise concerns about its own security in the Summit amid rapid nuclearisation campaign of North Korea.


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