US CIA Chief Mike Pompeo met Kim Jong Un

Mike Pompeo, the Chief of CIA and the nominee of Union Secretary of State, made a highly secret visit to North Korea, over the Easter weekend to meet the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to hold discussions for a planned Summit between President Trump and Kim in May. Mike Pompeo has become the first most senior official of US to visit Kim Jong Un. His visit also affirmed the President Trump’s willingness and commitment to meet the North Korean leader.

Pompeo’s meeting has generated hope that meeting with the North Korean leader can be productive over denuclearization, although nothing can be confirmed. It is stated that the meeting was arranged by the South Korean chief of intelligence Suh Hoon and Kim Yong Chol, the intelligence Chief of North Korea designed to assess the commitment and seriousness of Kim Jong Un for serious talks on burning issues.

Pompeo has said that the meeting has confirmed that it is worth to plan for the top-level Summit, although no site has been earmarked and no preparations have been made. Pompeo stated that the primary aim of the Summit to make North Korean leader change his stance from holding America with a risk of nuclear weapons and there will be no rewards to Pyongyang unless irreversible steps are taken.

President Trump also suggested the possibility of no Summit at all if the diplomatic efforts don’t bring positive overtones. In latter case, he stated that US and allies will continue to maintain the pressure on Pyongyang.


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