Iran to make or buy new weapons at will

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has stated that Iran will now make or buy any kind of weapons it so desires as the region is full of strife and under constant danger of invading powers. The announcement came on the National Army Day parade in the Republic. President Rouhani categorically stated that Iran will not seek or wait for approval from outside world and will go to acquire any weapons it needs for deterrence. He added that Middle-east is no more a normal region as outside super-powers have built permanent bases here and they don’t seek UN permission to intervene in regional affairs in complete disregard to international law.

The US-led airstrikes on Syria were meant as a punishment for the alleged chemical attack on Eastern Ghouta’s Douma which killed scores and injured even more by the Syrian regime forces.

The announcement came as the sanctions on Iran have increased due to its ballistic missiles and its participation in the Syrian war. This has been done to convince President Trump about the commitment of EU towards the US and the significance of the deal.

Trump had earlier given a deadline of May to the EU for working on the Nuclear Deal to make it more robust. Trump is not happy about the sunset clauses in the deal. He has thus threatened to not to extend the waivers of US sanctions on Iran if the flaws in the deal are fixed. A US withdrawal from the Deal will mean a complete collapse of the agreement and probable resumption of Iranian nuclear program channelized towards making weapons.

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