West: Russia behind recent global cyber attacks

The United States of America and Britain have accused Russia of launching another massive cyber-attack across the world targeting government departments and agencies, business and other vital infrastructure. There has been a joint warning issued by the US and UK which states that Russian hackers are trying to gain access to devices which control the flow of internet traffic across the world. The activity is intentional and aimed at advanced spying and harming the intellectual property which can be aggravated by highly dangerous cyber attacks.

There is still ambiguity as to the number of devices which stand compromised at the moment nor the reason behind the attack has been defined clearly. It has been stated that any attack on routers is a broad campaign with no specific target in mind.

Although Kremlin issued no immediate response to the allegations Russian Embassy in the UK has said that the recent accusations are “striking examples of reckless, provocative and unfounded policy against Russia”. US and UK have stated that the attacks have affected a wide range of organizations across the world. The new warning is issued to alert the potential targets to protect their systems and the affected ones to inform the governments so the threat can be better understood. The current activity is seen in the light of pre-positioning in times of unrest for the launch of massive attacks in future.

Russia was also involved in the infamous Notpetya attacks on global networks last year which had resulted in recent US sanctions against it. This is a major development in times of turbulence in relations between Russia and the West caused by a series of events which have pitted Russia against West.

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