US and Japan to push for consensus on North Korea

President Trump and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe will try to attain agreements on a common agenda to deal with the nuclear challenge posed by North Korea. Abe-Trump meet will be dominated by North Korea among other issues concerning trade, China etc.

The relations between both the nations are at an all-time high as both leaders have worked to strengthen the same over time. The international experts are expecting President Trump to push for greater concessions by establishing important matters of security with the trade. The upcoming Summit between  Trump and Kim Jong Un is also a point of concern in Japan as it is feared that Trump can enter into a deal with the North Korean leader under which Kim agrees to give up long-range ballistic missiles which can hit US mainland while keeping the ones with shorter range. Japan has reiterated concerns about the elimination of the complete range of ballistic missiles on North Korea and not just the long-range intercontinental ones. Abe wants the US to maintain absolute pressure till complete denuclearisation is achieved. Additionally, Abe will also raise the issue of Japanese abductees in North Korea. Abe is also looking for the US to maintain its military presence in Northeast Asia to counter growing threats due to North Korea.

White House has also reaffirmed that the US is concerned about the security of its allies along with American people. The relations between the two nations have considerably strained over last few days due to the failure of US to waive off steel tariffs for Japan.

The US has exempted many countries like South Korea, Canada and Mexico while Japan was not excluded from the list.



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