EU fails to decide Iranian sanctions to save the nuclear deal

The European Union has failed to pass a joint agreement to impose new sanctions on Iran due to opposition by Italy. There has also been a constant fear that even levying a punishment on Iran or other sanctions might not be able to deter President Trump to scrap the deal. EU has been pressing hard to save the agreement which has the commitment of Iran to not to pursue its nuclear ambitions for a decade.

President Trump has been highly critical of the deal due to its sunset clauses and has repeatedly threatened to withdraw from the same and has stated that the US will not extend the sanctions relief to Iran in May unless the desired changes are made. France, Britain and Germany have been calling for strict action against Iranian militias and commanders present on Syrian soil and have proposed a plan for the same in hope of convincing President Trump of their concrete actions to save the nuclear deal.

The bloc has four weeks effectively to work on the agreement, so all the 28 European Union members have concluded to work hard on the matter to push the deal forward. The bloc also extended its existing sanctions on the Iranian Republic over its violations of human rights.

The US has welcomed the steps for further restrictions.

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