Hungary: Massive protests in Budapest against Orban win

Thousands of protestors came out to protest against the unfair election machinery of the country which was instrumental in the victory of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Orban is said to won the elections on his tough stance on immigrants. The hate campaign against the immigrants had sealed victory for his ruling Fidesz party as it won two-thirds seats as per the preliminary results.

The organisers of the protest are demanding a recount of ballots, new election laws, freedom to media and press in addition to effective cooperation between the opposition parties. It is seen as the biggest protest in Hungary and is said to have similar numbers as were drawn by the election rally which was triggered by Orban’s plan of taxing the use of internet four years ago.

Fidesz emerged as the largest victorious party as it got 49 percent votes on national party list while it registered win on 91 single-member constituencies primarily in rural areas. Fidesz has recorded win majorly in rural areas. The age-wise voting gap was also glaring in Orban’s win as 37 percent votes came from young voters below 30 years of age while another 46 percent was from the ones over 50 years of age.

The protestors are stating that there was no level playing field in the elections as the hate campaign of the ruling party pushed the majority of voters into a parliamentary minority. The Budapest rally thus comprised more than 100,000 people mostly young who wanted to remind the PM of his origins.  There was a general air of disappointment as they were dissatisfied with the election results which they believed were highly unfair and uneven.

Viktor Orban had won a landslide victory in the recent elections based on his tough stance on Muslim immigrants which had resonated with many in the rural areas.



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