US: Syria government behind gas attack

The United States of America has publically stated that the Syrian regime is responsible for the chemical attack on the city of Douma, in Eastern Ghouta which killed around 60 people and injured many others. The official statement of White House reiterated the claims and added that the US has a high level of confidence in the reports and the lack of action of Russia against its ally has been causing further problem.

Trump administration is pushing for a highly aggressive response as the President has finally developed a tougher stance on Russia over the issue. It has been reported that the US is working out on punishing both Russia and Iran the primary backers of Syria as President Trump grows highly irritated on the stance of his Russian counterpart. US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has however urged caution as the action could open a Pandora’s box and a direct confrontation with Russia will be unavoidable.

Trump had earlier warned Russia that there will be a missile attack due to the use of chemical weapons as Russia warned US and allies not to carry out any military strikes. OPCW experts have arrived in Douma to investigate the matter and use of banned weapons in the region.

Assad regime has been finally successful in wrestling Douma from the rebels after a highly intensive battle. This has consolidated his position in the country as the strongest centre of insurgency around Damascus, has been crushed and brought under government control. The victory which has been made possible by the support of Russian air-force and Iranian-back fighters has fortified Assad’s position over the Western part of the country.

UN Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley has stated that if US and allies act on Syria it will be to defend a common principle to which they all agree. She added that normalising the use of chemical weapons will harm the whole humanity.


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