US, France and British forces have launched intensive air-strikes on Syria in a major Western response to the chemical attack on the city of Douma which had killed dozens and injured many more. President Trump announced the strikes late Friday. The announcement echoed with explosions over Damascus. This is the biggest intervention of Western powers against Syria since the 8-year-old conflict and has finally put the West against Russia. The strikes are said to be precisely directed at the chemical facilities in Syria. The attack was carried on by the Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Barzah district in Damascus which is the centre of the major Scientific research in Syria has been severely hit. 6 loud explosions rocked the capital of Syria which hit the research facility and a chemical weapons storage facility. US officials stated that the attack was carefully aimed at dismantling the Syrian ability to conduct any further chemical attacks and thus completely ruling out the spreading of poisonous gases to civilian areas. President Trump has stated that the strikes have established a strong deterrent against both production and use of chemical weapons in warfare. UK PM May also stated that she authorised the armed forces to carry out targeted strikes at the chemical facilities of Syria not aiming to interfere in the ongoing civil war.

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