Syria Chemical attack: Trump considering all options

United States President Donald Trump is discussing various options on Syria with his security aides to give a befitting response to the Syrian government for use of deadly poison gas against its citizens.  Trump had earlier threatened a missile attack on specific facilities in Syria and had also vowed to fail all Russian defences. Russian envoy has categorically stated earlier that a war between Russia and US cannot be ruled out in such a situation.

There have been increased fears of war between the two nations after Trump had mentioned about the missile attack on Syria and also slammed Russia for standing by the Assad regime in a case where is guilty of use of chemical weapons. The President along with his European allies is weighing all options and there are signs that the situation can be prevented from snowballing into a larger conflict.

The White House has stated that the President is weighing all options and is in process of assessing various intelligence inputs. Trump is in discussions with Britain’s PM May who has reasserted the need to check any further use of chemical weapons by Syria. President Trump will also hold talks with his French counterpart as France had earlier stated that it had proof of use of chemical weapons.

Russia, Syria and Iran have repeatedly stated that the reports of chemical weapons are bogus and have been fabricated by rescue workers and even the rebels.

Vassily Nebenzia, the Russia envoy to the US has asked all parties to exercise restraint when considering a military action on Syria as it can potentially escalate into a Russia-US war with catastrophic consequences. He stated that the primary priority for all is to avert the war. OPCW experts are on their way to Syria to investigate the use of chemical weapons but it is not certain that the US and allies will wait for the investigation to end.

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