Swedish Nobel –Prize Academy headed for reforms amid controversy

The Swedish Nobel-Prize Academy has been facing a tough row over allegations of sexual harassment and leak of names of prize winners. The incident has sought a rare intervention by the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf who has stated that he is considering reforms for the Academy. Latter was founded in 1786 by Gustaf III.

The row was sparked by sexual assault allegations on Jean-Claude Arnault who is known face in Sweden and also the husband of Katarina Frostenson-a member of the Academy. 18 women have accused Arnault as per the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. Additionally, Arnault has been charged with leaking the names of Nobel prize winners on many occasions. The names of Bob Dylan in 2016, Harold Pinter in 2005 etc.

Arnault has denied all the allegations levied against him. The Academy has confirmed that it is conducting an internal investigation into the matter by a law firm. The row has led to several resignations viz. Sara Danius the Permanent Secretary of the Academy followed by Katarina Frostenson who left in hope that the reputation of the Academy will not be harmed. Three more members followed after they lost a vote to remove Frostenson from the Committee due to conflict of interest breach and thereby giving of names of winners to her husband who later disclosed them.

The Board of Nobel Foundation has raised grave concerns about the crisis and have stated that it will severely tarnish the reputation of the Prize and Academy at large. King Carl XVI Gustaf has stated that the reforms to the body are on the cards which will also include the right to resign for members.


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