Trump-Putin showdown over Syria

United States President Donald Trump has issued a fresh warning to Russia of an imminent military action against the Syrian regime in the wake of suspicions of use of banned chemical weapons in the city of Douma. Trump also slammed Russia for standing with Assad in this case of humanitarian slaughter. The White House, however, suggested that the President has not stated any time plan of action and all the options are still on the table. Moreover, Trump’s tweet was a response to Russian warning that any US missile fired on Syria will be shot down and its launch sites will be targeted.

This is the first time in last 8 years of Syrian conflict when two major powers of the world have come to face each other. The situation has sent ripples across the world of a looming possibility of a major escalation in the region.

As per the World Health Organisation, many people had died in Douma and many more injured in the chemical attack with a poisonous gas. Russia and Syria have termed the reports as fabricated and bogus. There have been reports of Syrian regime forces evacuating their airports and military bases in the wake of the growing tensions. While Russian military has intercepted US Navy movement in the Gulf as the airstrikes by the US will involve Navy. British PM has also voiced her concerns about the attack and has categorically stated that the evidence points towards Syrian government behind the attack. Britain is ready for a military action as put forth by May as she ordered the movement of the UK submarines within the missile range in Syria.

The news which spread like wildfire has sent the prices of crude sky-rocketing and a steep fall in US stocks due to alarming bells over US-Russia confrontation over Syria. Even Iran has come out in full support of its ally Syria and has said that any airstrikes in Syria will not be spared. Israel has also stepped up its defences against an Iranian strike.




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