EU extends sanctions on Iran over Human Rights abuses

The European Union has extended its sanctions on the Republic of Iran for its alleged violations of human rights. The development is seen as highly significant as the bloc is preparing to impose additional penalties with a view to saving the Iranian Nuclear Deal from collapsing amid fears of US pull-out from the same.

President Trump has been highly critical of the deal which was inked between the Western powers and Iran and has served deadline of May 15 to fix the sunset clauses failing which his administration will not extend the sanctions relief. EU, on the other hand, is keen to save the deal from collapsing which had bound Iran not to pursue its nuclear ambitions least for a decade. France is pushing for revised sanctions on Iranian missile program and its backing of the Assad regime in striving to appease Trump and ensure that EU takes his concerns seriously.

Italy has however raised concerns that any further sanctions might irk Iran and thus fade the chances of EU of making any groundbreaking deals with the nation endowed with natural resources as it opens up after many decades of international isolation. Italy also stated that there is no assurance that any such move by EU will not let Trump back from the deal. France, Italy and Britain are also considering targeting militias and commanders in Iran as the fears of transfer of Iranian missile technology to Syria and Houthis in Yemen can never be completely ruled out.

EU thus finally had extended sanctions which involve asset freezes, ban on travel against 82 people and 1 entity in addition to prohibiting the export of certain equipment which can be misused against certain people internally.

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