Chinese Ambassador warns US: Keep Latin America away from trade conflict!

Jia Guide, the ambassador of China to Peru has categorically warned the US to not to rope in Latin America in the on-going trade dispute between the two countries. Guide was speaking in response to the reports that US will use the Summit of the Americas to push a policy that Latin America should uphold and develop trade relations with the US and not with China. The recent comments have further increased the possibility of a deepening trade dispute between China and US in addition to a looming threat of a possible spill-over of the same to Latin America. Latter is endowed with rich natural resources. China has made a significant presence in the region over time.

The investor sentiment amid the growing fears of a trade war got a positive hike as Xi Jinping assured to cut down import restrictions.

Marco Rubio, a US Senator and a dominant Republican who is travelling to Latin America for the Summit along with Vice President Mike Pence has caused ripples China and Latin America that the US will not accept Chinese presence in the region. Jia Guide in a response stated that China has become the second major trading partner of the region as it touched $260 billion last year. He also said that China will indulge in a disdainful approach of resorting to threats of sanctions that do not act as per the directions and wishes of the US boss. He added that China is not interested in a trade war with the US but is not afraid of it as well as latter will open more avenues of trade for the Latin American nations.

The absence of Trump from the vital summit will be a first ever since 1994 while China will be present at the Summit as an Observer nation. The Summit comprises institutional meeting of the heads of governments in Western Hemisphere where leaders meet to discuss shared issues and values and agree to common actions both at the national and regional level for combating the challenges faced by the Americas. Lima, Peru will be hosting the Eight Summit of the Americas on April 13-14, 2018.



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