Zuckerberg testifies before US Congress: Wins Investor sentiment!

Chief Executive Officer of Facebook Inc. Mark Zuckerberg emerged out from the US Congress after successfully and purposefully answering questions posed by the US Senators who had scant knowledge about the functioning of the social network giant in addition to having no clue about the real motive behind asking him to testify. The questioning which lasted 5 hours by 44 Senators made no significant impact on the young internet mogul as he brilliantly answered each question without making any commitments about submitting to regulations or bringing any major changes to the way Facebook does business.

Zuckerberg repeatedly apologized for a range of mistakes made by Facebook which included data protection in case of Russian agents who made use of the site to influence the outcomes of US Presidential elections 2016. The hearing apart from anything did bring out the technical illiteracy of the US lawmakers as far as 21st-century technology is concerned. There were some smart questions among a load of misfires about the failure of Facebook to disclose to the users that their data will be passed on to a third-party firm Cambridge Analytica and to what extent is user activity is being monitored by Facebook via platforms it owns directly.

The lack of knowledge about the basic working of Facebook went in favour of the Zuckerberg as he was comfortably able to ignore the more notable questions about the extent of data monitoring done by the Facebook engines and its lack of transparency about the actual use of data. It was apparent glaring issues in the phrasing of the data which helped Zuck to side-step many tricky ones. The calm and authoritative attitude while maintaining respect to all the questions helped him tide over the challenge with ease. He assured he never felt out of relevant answers and if any question did seem heavy he would resort to a promise of getting back later with more knowledge. Despite the above, Zuckerberg respectfully took the responsibility for the mistakes and was open to working together under suitable regulations throughout. The whole show bagged Facebook the greatest hike in company shares with the biggest daily gain. The investor sentiment is at all-time high and user satisfaction is not far behind.




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